Class PbfBlob

    • Field Detail

      • pos

        public final long pos
      • header

        public final crosby.binary.Fileformat.BlobHeader header
      • content

        public final crosby.binary.Fileformat.Blob content
      • isFirstBlob

        public final boolean isFirstBlob
      • overSoftLimit

        public final boolean overSoftLimit
    • Constructor Detail

      • PbfBlob

        public PbfBlob​(long pos,
                       crosby.binary.Fileformat.BlobHeader header,
                       crosby.binary.Fileformat.Blob blob,
                       boolean isFirstBlob,
                       boolean overSoftLimit)
        Create a PbfBlob from Fileformat.Blob.
    • Method Detail

      • getBlobPos

        public long getBlobPos()
      • isHeader

        public boolean isHeader()
      • isData

        public boolean isData()
      • getHeaderBlock

        public crosby.binary.Osmformat.HeaderBlock getHeaderBlock()
        Returns Osmformat.HeaderBlock if PbfBlob is a HeaderBlob else null.
      • getPrimitivBlock

        public crosby.binary.Osmformat.PrimitiveBlock getPrimitivBlock()
        Returns Osmformat.PrimitiveBlock if PbfBlob is a DataBlob else null.
      • getData

        public getData()
        Decompress if necessary and returns the decompressed Data ByteString.