Interface TagInterpreter

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    public interface TagInterpreter
    extends Serializable
    Used to provided information needed to create actual geometries from OSM data.

    Some information about OSM entities is only soft-coded into their tags, for example if a closed way should represent a polygon (e.g. a building) or just a (linestring) loop (e.g. a roundabout). Similarly, some information needed to build geometries from multipolygon relations is encoded into the relation members' roles.

    • Method Detail

      • isArea

        boolean isArea​(OSMEntity entity)
      • isLine

        boolean isLine​(OSMEntity entity)
      • hasInterestingTagKey

        boolean hasInterestingTagKey​(OSMEntity osm)
      • isMultipolygonOuterMember

        boolean isMultipolygonOuterMember​(OSMMember osmMember)
      • isMultipolygonInnerMember

        boolean isMultipolygonInnerMember​(OSMMember osmMember)
      • isOldStyleMultipolygon

        boolean isOldStyleMultipolygon​(OSMRelation osmRelation)