Interface TagFilter

    • Method Detail

      • getTag

        Object getTag()
        Returns the OSM tag or key of this filter.
        the OSM tag of this filter. Either an object of class OSHDBTag or OSHDBTagKey.
      • fromSelector

        static TagFilter fromSelector​(@Nonnull
                                      TagFilter.Type selector,
                                      OSMTagInterface tag,
                                      TagTranslator tt)
        Returns a new tag filter object fulfilling the given "selector" and OSM tag.

        This can be either an exact tag match (key=value), or a tag presence check (key=*), or the inverse of these.

        selector - The type of tag filter, such as "=" or "!=".
        tag - The tag to use for this filter - can be either a OSMTag or OSMTagKey object.
        tt - Tag Translator object for converting OSM tags to OSHDB tag ids
        A new tag-filter object fulfilling the given parameters.