Class Description

  • public class Description
    extends Object
    Holds the description response information that is displayed in the metadata response object.
    • Method Detail

      • aggregate

        public static String aggregate​(boolean isDensity,
                                       String label,
                                       String unit)
      • aggregateGroupByBoundary

        public static String aggregateGroupByBoundary​(boolean isDensity,
                                                      String label,
                                                      String unit)
      • aggregateGroupByBoundaryGroupByTag

        public static String aggregateGroupByBoundaryGroupByTag​(boolean isDensity,
                                                                String label,
                                                                String unit)
      • aggregateGroupByUser

        public static String aggregateGroupByUser​(String label,
                                                  String unit)
      • aggregateGroupByTag

        public static String aggregateGroupByTag​(boolean isDensity,
                                                 String label,
                                                 String unit)
      • countPerimeterAreaGroupByType

        public static String countPerimeterAreaGroupByType​(boolean isDensity,
                                                           String label,
                                                           String unit)
      • aggregateGroupByKey

        public static String aggregateGroupByKey​(String label,
                                                 String unit)
      • aggregateRatioGroupByBoundary

        public static String aggregateRatioGroupByBoundary​(String label,
                                                           String unit)
      • countUsers

        public static String countUsers​(boolean isDensity)
      • countUsersGroupByTag

        public static String countUsersGroupByTag​(boolean isDensity)
      • countUsersGroupByType

        public static String countUsersGroupByType​(boolean isDensity)
      • countUsersGroupByKey

        public static String countUsersGroupByKey​(boolean isDensity)
      • countUsersGroupByBoundary

        public static String countUsersGroupByBoundary​(boolean isDensity)
      • countContributions

        public static String countContributions​(boolean isDensity)