Constant Field Values



  • org.heigit.ohsome.ohsomeapi.controller.DefaultSwaggerParameters 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final String BBOX "8.67,49.39,8.71,49.42"
    public static final String BUILDING_FILTER "geometry:polygon and building=*"
    public static final String BUILDING_FILTER2 "geometry:polygon and building=house"
    public static final String BUILDING_KEY "building"
    public static final String GENERIC_FILTER "type:way and natural=*"
    public static final String HIGHWAY_FILTER "type:way and highway=residential"
    public static final String HIGHWAY_FILTER2 "type:way and highway=*"
    public static final String HIGHWAY_KEY "highway"
    public static final String HOUSENUMBER_FILTER "type:node and \"addr:housenumber\"=*"
    public static final String TIME "2014-01-01/2017-01-01/P1Y"
  • org.heigit.ohsome.ohsomeapi.controller.ParameterDescriptions 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final String BBOXES "WGS84 coordinates in the following format: id1:lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2|id2:lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2|... OR lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2|lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2|...; no default value (one boundary parameter must be defined)"
    public static final String BCIRCLES "WGS84 coordinates + radius in meter in the following format: id1:lon,lat,r|id2:lon,lat,r|... OR lon,lat,r|lon,lat,r|...; no default value (one boundary parameter must be defined)"
    public static final String BPOLYS "WGS84 coordinates given as a list of coordinate pairs (as for bboxes) or GeoJSON FeatureCollection. The first point has to be the same as the last point and MultiPolygons are only supported in GeoJSON; no default value (one boundary parameter must be defined)"
    public static final String CLIP_GEOMETRY "Boolean operator to specify whether the returned geometries of the features should be clipped to the query\'s spatial boundary (\u2018true\u2019), or not (\u2018false\u2019); default: \u2018true\u2019"
    public static final String CONTRIBUTION_TYPE "Filter contributions by contribution type: \'creation\', \'deletion\', \'tagChange\', \'geometryChange\' or a combination of them;no default value"
    public static final String FILTER "Combines several attributive filters, e.g. OSM type, the geometry (simple feature) type, as well as the OSM tag; no default value"
    public static final String FORMAT "Output format geojson (for /groupBy/boundary resources only), csv, or json; default: json"
    public static final String GROUP_BY_KEY "OSM key e.g.: \'highway\', \'building\'; no default value (one groupByKey parameter must be defined)"
    public static final String KEYS "OSM key(s) e.g.: \'highway\', \'building\'; default: no key"
    public static final String PROPERTIES "List of possible property-groups added to each OSM-element: \'tags\' and/or \'metadata\' and/or \'contributionTypes\' (only for the /contributions/{geometryType} endpoints); default: no property"
    public static final String SHOW_METADATA "Boolean operator \'true\' or \'false\'; default: \'false\'"
    public static final String TIME "ISO-8601 conform timestring(s); default: latest timestamp within dataset"
    public static final String TIME_DATA_EXTRACTION "ISO-8601 conform timestring(s) defining timestamps (/elements), or intervals (/elementsFullHistory); no default value"
    public static final String TIMEOUT "Custom timeout in seconds; no default value"
    public static final String TYPES "OSM type(s) \'node\' and/or \'way\' and/or \'relation\' OR simple feature type(s) \'point\' and/or \'line\' and/or \'polygon\'; default: all three OSM types"
    public static final String VALUES "OSM value(s) e.g.: \'primary\', \'residential\'; default: no value"
  • org.heigit.ohsome.ohsomeapi.exception.ExceptionMessages 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final String BOUNDARY_IDS_FORMAT "One or more boundary object(s) have a custom id (or at least a colon), whereas other(s) don\'t. You can either set custom ids for all your boundary objects, or for none."
    public static final String BOUNDARY_NOT_IN_DATA_EXTRACT "The provided boundary parameter does not lie completely within the underlying data-extract polygon."
    public static final String BOUNDARY_PARAM_FORMAT "Error in processing the boundary parameter. Please remember to follow the format, where you separate every coordinate with a comma, each boundary object with a pipe-sign and add optional custom ids to every first coordinate with a colon."
    public static final String BOUNDARY_PARAM_FORMAT_OR_COUNT "Your provided boundary parameter (bboxes, bcircles, or bpolys) does not fit its format, or you defined more than one boundary parameter."
    public static final String BOUNDARY_PARAM_GEOJSON_FORMAT "The geometry of your given boundary input could not be parsed for the creation of the response GeoJSON."
    public static final String BPOLYS_FORMAT "The bpolys parameter must contain double-parseable values in form of lon/lat coordinate pairs."
    public static final String BPOLYS_PARAM_GEOMETRY "The defined bpolys parameter contains some invalid geometry: "
    public static final String DATABASE_ACCESS "Keytables not found or access to database failed"
    public static final String FILTER_PARAM "The keys, values and types parameters must be empty, when you set the filter parameter."
    public static final String FILTER_SYNTAX "Invalid filter syntax. Please look at the additional info and examples about the filter parameter at"
    public static final String GROUP_BY_KEY_PARAM "You need to give one groupByKey parameter, if you want to use groupBy/tag."
    public static final String GROUP_BY_KEYS_PARAM "You need to give one groupByKeys parameter, if you want to use groupBy/key."
    public static final String KEYS_VALUES_RATIO_INVALID "There cannot be more input values in the values|values2 than in the keys|keys2 parameter, as values_n must fit to keys_n."
    public static final String NO_BOUNDARY "You need to define one of the boundary parameters (bboxes, bcircles, bpolys)."
    public static final String PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGE "The given query is too large in respect to the given timeout. Please use a smaller region and/or coarser time period."
    public static final String PROPERTIES_PARAM "The properties parameter of this resource can only contain the values \'tags\' and/or \'metadata\' and/or \'unclipped\'."
    public static final String PROPERTIES_PARAM_CONTR "The properties parameter of this resource can only contain the values \'tags\' and/or \'metadata\' and/or \'contributionTypes\' and/or \'unclipped\'."
    public static final String SHOWMETADATA_PARAM "The showMetadata parameter can only contain the values \'true\', \'yes\', \'false\', or \'no\'."
    public static final String TIME_FORMAT "The provided time parameter is not ISO-8601 conform."
    public static final String TIME_FORMAT_CONTRIBUTION "You need to give at least two timestamps or a time interval for this resource."
    public static final String TIME_FORMAT_CONTRS_EXTRACTION_AND_FULL_HISTORY "Wrong time parameter. You need to give exactly two ISO-8601 conform timestamps."
    public static final String TIMEOUT "The given timeout is too long. It has to be shorter than "
    public static final String TIMEOUT_FORMAT "The given timeout does not fit to its format. Please give one value in seconds and use a point as the decimal delimiter, if needed."
    public static final String TYPES_PARAM "Parameter \'types\' (and \'types2\') can only have \'node\' and/or \'way\' and/or \'relation\' OR \'point\' and/or \'line\' and/or \'polygon\' and/or \'other\'"