Package org.heigit.ohsome.ohsomeapi.inputprocessing

package org.heigit.ohsome.ohsomeapi.inputprocessing
  • Class
    Enumeration defining the type of boundary parameter (BBOXES, BPOINTS, BPOLYS, or NOBOUNDARY in case that no boundary parameter is given).
    Holds those variables which are relevant for the string similarity algorithm 'Fuzzy Score'.
    Includes methods to create and manipulate geometries derived from the boundary input parameters.
    Holds utility methods that are used by the input processing and executor classes.
    Holds general input processing and validation methods and validates specific parameters given by the request.
    Holds the relevant objects for processing the request and creating the response.
    Enumeration defining the type of simple feature geometry that gets defined via the types parameter.
    Holds methods for computing the fuzzy string similarity between the query parameter and the available parameter of the given resource.